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It's YOUR turn in the...

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Today is the day!
It's time for our FIRST official spotlight feature!
What are the "spotlight" features?
This is where you will learn a little more about about our sponsors and the blogs taking part in the celebration!  Though we want to extend a nod to all those that have signed up in either capacity, this first post is going out to those that took a chance on this new event before we gained the momentum currently flowing.  Bookmarks up to each of you!  Now let's take a look at some fabulous bookish folks...


Charlene Ann Baumbich
For over two decades of writing and speaking, my passionate pursuit to entertain and rejuvenate using humor (I love to laugh-especially at myself), uncommon wisdom, and passionate insights has been affirmed through countless calls, letters, and evaluation sheets. A reader recently e-mailed, "There is so much depression and sadness in this world. I applaud you for reminding all of us to treasure the moments in our lives, and for encouraging us to find joy in the little things. What you do helps so many to rise above the heaviness of life and live, and laugh, and face another day, so thanks!!!!" That is exactly why I keep doing what I do.

I am a firm believer in the power of story (short or book-length, funny or insightful, real or fiction, on stage or page) to accomplish my purpose, which is to remind you: Don't Miss Your Life! Whether you're tuning into me live or in print, fasten your seatbelt. I promise you a wild, fun, provocative, heart-warming ride.

She has graciously donated a copy of her book Stray Affections for our Kick-Off contest.  For more infomation on this title and her many others, check out her site, Facebook page, or follow along on Twitter!  She always has a word or two to help you "twinkle" by or some warm thoughts to share from Kornflake, her loveable pup.


(Elizabeth White)
My blog focuses heavily on mysteries, police procedurals and thrillers, but I also read and review noir, horror and select Young Adult titles. Though I try to keep up with and review as many new releases as possible, I also enjoy reviewing books that are merely new to me. After all, I figure that if I only just discovered a particular book or author there are undoubtedly other readers out there who’d love an introduction as well. Stop by and say hello!


(Girl on a Mission)
On a mission to finding the sexiest books around. Primarily YA fiction and sometimes I'll sprinkle in some MG.


The Cajun Book Lady

The Cajun Book Lady
(The Cajun Book Lady)
The Cajun Book Lady is a multi-genre review blog that was started to share my love of books. My family loves me but they are NOT ravenous readers and so my blog was born. *smile* That's boring right? It's the truth though!  While I review many different genre's I do have some that I LOVE! Those include Paranormal (anything), Young Adult, Horror, and I've taken a liking to Cozy Mysteries.  I don't just review *surprise*...there are also author interviews, book features, and tons of giveaways! I hope to see everyone there! ~wave~


Mel's Books and Info
Mel's Books and Info is a blog about YA books. I mostly feature YA Fiction and include reviews, publishing info, and a weekly feature [called] Thursday Thoughts where I discuss blogging, books, and issues in publishing.


Wow!  We have some great looking folks there and the best part?  There's more where THAT came from!  Take a moment, check out their sites and see what they're all about.  Be sure to stop by again soon for our next spotlight never know, YOU might be next!

Happy reading!


Felicia the Geeky Blogger on June 16, 2010 at 3:04 PM said...

It's getting closer! Can't wait :)

Kris on June 16, 2010 at 3:09 PM said...

Aw well heck...I look like a jabber jaw up there LOL!

GMR on June 17, 2010 at 1:17 AM said...

Felicia: Yes! Closer and closer!

Kris: you don't! I think it sounded great and I'm sure other readers will as well. ^_^

Cleverly Inked on June 20, 2010 at 6:43 AM said...

I am glad I signed up for this..I'm a bit late...I don't know how I missed it at first LOL


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