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Saving Birds by Pete Salmansohn and Stephen W. Kress

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Saving Birds by Pete Salmansohn and Stephen W. Kress


About the book:
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Can they do it? Can they save black robins from extinction in New Zealand when there are only five left in the world? Will they be able to use puppet shows and posters in the rainforests of Mexico to protect the colorful quetzal? Can painted turkey feathers help keep hornbills from being wiped out in Malaysia? Will an environmental problem and a people problem in China be solved so that cranes and local farmers can both thrive? In Israel, can scientists and children and neighbors work against the backdrop of war to save a little falcon? And will decoys and mirrors and sound recordings fool a handsome seabird into nesting safely again on Devil's Slide Rock off the coast of California?  Can they do it? It's the question that excites and drives each story and its heroes in Saving Birds. Authors Pete Salmansohn and Steve Kress bring their own curiosity, enthusiasm, and expertise to each of these stories, just as they did with their previous Audubon book, Project Puffin. and its imaginative teacher's guide, Giving Back to the Earth.

This new book focuses on the experiences and efforts of grownups and children, scientists and volunteers working to save birds in very different corners of the world. Sometimes political and economic realities push their way into the picture, and at other times the challenges are more physical: scaling treacherous cliffs or braving rough seas to do the work that needs to be done to save birds. But as we learn about each bird and its problems, we see how our heroes use their imaginations to "think outside the box," coming up with unconventional and unusual methods-that work!  Color photographs collected from around the world illustrate these six stories, and resource information at the back of the book allows you to contact participating organizations for more information about their work. Our six stories encourage volunteerism and activism, in and out of the classroom. Teachers will find that Giving Back to the Earth, the teacher's guide developed for Project Puffin, is an excellent teaching resource for this book, as well.


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