Friday, June 4, 2010

The Main Event

Posted by Gina at 9:41 AM
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Welcome to a celebration of all things BOOK!

Got Books?
A common question among book bloggers worldwide, and one that is often times answered with a resounding YES! Let's face it...we are readers at heart. The written word is our bread and butter, the Abbott to our Costello, the Yin to our Yang. It's one past time that can be shared by anyone, anywhere, any time...and it is helping to make connections across the miles. Talk to any book blogger and you will find friends in their reading circle from not only their local area but other states and other countries around the world. The beauty of the internet to shrink the world in this case is a good thing!

So, why did we bring you here?
To kick off what we hope to be an annual (potentially bi-annual) event called...

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This event is a culmination of the creative forces behind two fellow book bloggers....GMR of Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers and The1stdaughter of There's A Book....which just goes to show you how "dangerous" an idea can be when you truly put your mind to it and have a good friend to conspire turns into something with actual substance!

Before we get into the details, we would be remiss if we did not recognize the event that helped to spark the idea behind what you see here as well as it's creator. Bookmarks up to Lynda of Between the Pages, and her bi-annual event, BLOGMANIA. It was our combined experience with her inaugural event which led us down our own road of creation to bring a similar event to life with one exception....this one is exclusive to book bloggers!

So what is it all about?
This is a celebration about books, but more so for the bloggers that help tell the world about them. Where did you find out about your latest read? The store...a website...the about a book blog? Chances are if you are online or have a book blog yourself, some of your future reads came from your fellow bloggers. Whether given a glowing review or something a bit more critical, the post drew your attention and made you want to find out more. This event is to celebrate book bloggers round the world by shining a light on their efforts, spreading the word about their sites for future follows on your reading rounds, and have a little contest fun along the way!

Two key points...
1. Sites participating will be limited to book blogs only.
2. Each site will hold a contest over a 48 hour period...more specifically, this first event will take place
Friday, July 23rd, 2010 and run through Saturday, July 24th, 2010.

Are you game?
If you are interested in adding your blog to the participant on over to the Participant Information page to find out more!
If you are a book publisher, publicist, and/or author interested in donating something to the Kick-Off contest, click on over to the Sponsor page for more information!

Let the FUN begin!



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